Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Catrice Perfect Resist Make Up - REVIEW

Catrice Perfect Resist Make Up foundation is the last beauty purchase I made last week. I had heard about this brand in the past but I had never tried it before. Anyway, the shop where I always buy my makeup had some Catrice products on sale and this product was one of them. I was looking for a cheap  makeup foundation so I decided to give it a try.

The product comes in a convenient pump bottle, which it is quite good, since most of budget foundations never comes with pump, and I personally prefer it because you can choose how much product you want on each application (I always tend to waste too much with the typical squeeze bottles).

When I first tried it out on my hand, I was absolutely delighted with the smell. It's light and it doesn't have a strong perfum, it reminds me more to a daily moisturizer scent than a makeup product.
The texture of this foundation is a little bit more creamy than others that I use. I have combined skin and I use free oil products which tend to be more liquid in their texture, so I was a bit dissapointed at first, thinking I would get an oily skin after I would use it. But nothing at all!
The product offers full coverage, but I had to use a foundation brush in some areas of my face, like the sides of my nose and T zone, where my pores are a little bit more dilated.

I chose number 030- "Perfect Sand", but there was two more colors available, all of them far too light for my skin tone. The colour I picked up was the darker from the range althought I would have picked a darker one if it would have been possible.

My general opinion of this foundation is good, about a 7 over 10. The quality is nice for a budget foundation, and I think it is a good option to use as daily make up foundation. I wouldn't say it lasts 24 hours (as the product claims), but it stays smooth and mate for a long time. In addition, if you apply some translucent powder the effect can last hours. The price is around 5€ for 30ml but I got a discount and got it for 1,99€, ridiculously cheap!

Catrice Perfect Resist Make Up in tone 030- Perfect Sand

Have you ever tried Catrice products? Which are your favourite budget foundations?


  1. Never tried a Catrice foundation (love their fake lashes)...may I say, the foundation looks a bit too much on the pink side for you? Maybe it´s just the photo...don´t want to sound mean, just an observation! I like the Revlon foundations as for drugstore...


    1. Oh no problem!, actually you are absolutely right! :), I wasn't convinced with the colour even it was the darkest tone. The colour looked ok when I tried it out on my hand before buying it, then it loked too rosy at home with natural light. As I said in the post, I would have prefered a darker tone (or at least more 'yellowish', you know what I mean! hehe)